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The Story

Guangson Consulting was founded back in 2006. They started small, but with big dreams. Capturing clients’ needs, believing in teamwork, they look for win-win cooperation with partners, and vision themselves as a leader among their peers.

By 2015, Guangson Consulting has grown to a diversified organization with over 50 full-time employees which comprised by Guangson Education, Guangson Immigration, and Guangson Beijing. Guangson Education is dedicated in international student recruiting. The number of students that have been directly helped by Guangson Education reached over 25,000 and the number still continues to grow. Guangson Immigration has helped hundreds of international students immigrated to Canada after graduation, promoted hundreds of family’s reunion in Canada, and assisted many investors in exploring investment opportunities in Canada. Guangson Beijing has built strong relationships with many agencies in China, and act as a bridge between students and home-stay, custodian and education institutions in Canada.

Guangson Consulting was already well-known in Chinese market when we took the job over. How do you further improve a well-established business? The answer is actually quite simple. We make its branding louder and clearer. By recreating and redesigning all its publications, business cards, employee tag, we made Guangson Consulting the type of company every peer dreamed of being. What we did next, was to set up official WeChat account for Guangson Consulting.

Aside from branding and marketing. We are also doing IT Managed Services for Guangson Consulting. As a company with more than 50 employees, across 4 locations, Guangson Consulting needs a dedicated IT team to manage its servers and equipment. What we did was lay out its requirements, setup Active Directory and File/Print Server, Office 365 accounts. We carefully monitoring its operations, warn them if anything reaches a critical level. Whenever there is a problem, we will be there to help them.

Before we came in, Guangson Consulting‘s official website was left unattended for a long time. From time to time, they need to modify website contents, add some pages and functionalities. The most recent job we did was to add an Express Entry Score Calculator. Customers of Guangson Consulting can get on the website, input all the variables, and the website will return them their score for entering Express Entry pool. The back logic is exactly the same as the official one from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. We carefully studied its logic and translated everything into Chinese. The web page will also notify Guangson Consulting employee whenever a customer finishes using the system, so they are able to quickly follow up with the person.

The year 2015 was the 9th anniversary for Guangson Consulting. BLMS, as Guangson Consulting’s exclusive event organizer, had begun planning this event from scratch.

From having the idea of this Guangson Consulting 9th-anniversary event, till every guest who attended the event were left satisfied, BLMS took over everything. We were in charge of venue selection, decoration, guest invites, photography, and many more tasks to ensure everything’s in order. We are so proud that this event was such a success!

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