Passport to Van

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The Story

Have you ever gone to a new city and just have absolutely no idea where everything is? Now imaging you are in a new country all the way across the Pacific Ocean.

The number of Chinese newcomers in Canada has been growing rapidly. Chinese international students have comprised more than one third of the total population of international students in Canada. The number of Chinese travelers to Canada in 2013 was 352,597 and is still increasing with a rate of 22.3%. These newcomers are interested in Vancouver, while language barrier has impeded them to fit in the city and the life here. A demand of a Chinese manual answering these newcomers’ potential questions has risen.

“Passport to Van” is a handbook includes six chapters that introduce essential knowledge of life in Vancouver to Chinese new comers and travelers. Topics cover Lifestyle, Transit, Sightseeing, Medical Service, Passport and Visa, and Newcomers (two sections: International Student, New Immigrant).

This handbook has been circulated in more than 100 locations in Vancouver where these new comers and travelers may visit. These locations include hotels and airport, schools and universities, accounting and investment companies, realtors, logistics companies, insurance company, travel agencies, international student service and immigration consulting companies, and car dealers etc.

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Passport to Van 2017 Edition

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Passport to Van

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