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The Story

Vancouver Film School (VFS) has been trying to expand their market to China over the years. Knowing that the advantages of VFS are their well-known industrial fame, quality of education, and the outstanding career future of their students, BLMS established a meticulous plan for VFS targeting Chinese student audience who wants to pursue an interesting and niche program that other academic institutions do not offer. The plan includes focusing on showcasing their outstanding alumni careers, through career services they provide for their students, and the programs they offer. We interviewed VFS and reported on local popular newspapers to gain the attention of the parents. Through social media channels, we’ve successfully attracted a large amount of students who are looking for a school to start their career path right here in Canada.

Of all the film schools worldwide, why did Shanghai – one of the most powerful cities on earth – pick VFS to help rebuild their entertainment industry? If you look at the efficiency of their education model, if you look at the pervasive impact VFS graduates have had across numerous industry sectors and our international alumni network, Shanghai’s choice makes perfect sense. No other schools or universities are structured to build an industry the way VFS can.

To comprehend VFS, you might think of any major entertainment conglomerate that creates content across a range of industries. VFS functions like a major studio, with multiple production facilities that are essential for creating content for film, TV, games, animation, design, digital applications, and more. Content creation is the core of learning tool. They place education in outstanding facilities with master instructors and mentors, and they regularly update and realign curriculum to be in lockstep with the most current industry standards. This is all to help students originate, produce, and exhibit their best possible creative and technical work.

Results matter –  This is not only referring to what students accomplish at VFS but what they will accomplish in their career. These are the results that truly matter. Taken as a whole, VFS alumni have achieved the highest levels of success on the highest grossing content across the entertainment and design sectors. No school or institution can come close to competing with the sheer magnitude of achievements by VFS alumni.

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