Vancouver Wine School

The Story

Vancouver Wine School is the first school that teaches WSET Level Award in both Mandarin Chinese and English in Vancouver. They created their own Mandarin textbook and even allow their student to take the final exam in Mandarin.

However, the problem eventually started to appear. Where do they get students? The most student doesn’t know there is an international WSET Level Award, not to mention there is a school teach this course in Chinese. It was hard to get the information out there and attract people, especially when they don’t have a clue where to start. That was where BLMS jumped in.

First of all, there are many ways to get the information out there. We firstly wrote a few articles regarding, not directly to their school, but to wine itself and WSET Award. When people see these articles, they will wonder where they can get this award, and that’s when we started to introduce Vancouver Wine School.

After introducing it with New-Media, we went back to the traditional paper poster. When you use New-Media, your radius is limited. But with posters in public, we can constantly introduce it to new people if they see it. Thus, we started to put posters in malls and stores where Chinese customers visit a lot.

Now comes the question, where do people sign up? The school is small, it doesn’t have a dedicated office space for people to just come in and sign up for the course. So we created an online sign-up page for them, combined with the ability to pay for the tuition online with PayPal. But a website isn’t enough. Usually, when people see it in public, they want to quickly scan it and apply directly. But what is the most efficient way to do this? Yes, WeChat is the most efficient way to do this. Now we have a dedicated WeChat account for Vancouver Wine School, that is specifically created for people who wants to just scan and apply. Our operator constantly monitors incoming messages and guiding customers through the application process.

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Vancouver Wine School

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