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The Story

World Duty Free S.p.A. is the holding company of World Duty Free Group, one of the world’s leading airport retailers.

The company became one global organization in 2011, formed of leading European airport retailers Aldeasa and WDF, and their experience in the industry dates back to the 1950s. At present, World Duty Free Group has over 550 shops in 20 countries with tailor made business concepts that match the shopping profiles of 100s of millions of passengers traveling through more than 105 locations in which they are based.

Vancouver itself is a city that promotes shopping and traveling. People who visit and live in Vancouver usually do their shopping in town. When they reached the end of their visit and went to the airport, they often found themselves overwhelmed by the discounted products those are offered by World Duty Free Group but they have already bought during their visits. What we want to do, is to start targeting students who are in Vancouver and let them know that there is a much cheaper way to shop, and eventually move on to their parents and other visitors.

We use Guangson Consulting’s WeChat Platform to broadcast World Duty Free’s catalog weekly, letting people know what they can get. We also take the advantage of WeChat Survey and collect people’s idea of what they think World Duty Free Group should carry in the future. The result is spectacular.

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