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While IT is essential for most companies, we present you the opportunity to boost your productivity to the next level by utilizing the most up-to-date technology into your business operation.

Starting from the basic network infrastructure to server setup, or website hosting to management system implementation, BLMS offers you support on every level you can think of. Our IT advisors know how to communicate in the most comfortable way.  Therefore, don’t worry if you do not know much about technologies.


At BLMS, we will help you choose the correct hardware that suits your needs. Those that are also reliable, and will serve you for a long term. Whether you want to connect your multiple locations together in one group, or you want to deploy a centralized file server, just let us know your situation, and we will find the best solution for you.

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Active Directory

Active Directory helps you keep track of all the user accounts and passwords in your organization. It can generally improve your organization’s security.

File Server

With a properly setup file server, you not only gain the ability to share your company files with your employees, but also control who can see what.

Data Backup

Data Backup is almost the single most important thing you need when running a business. It helps you avoid data loss due to hardware or software failure.


Every business needs a website, but to have them setup can be stressful if you don’t have a professional team.

At BLMS, we can help you design, implement and manage your website. Our professional team will support you setting up everything from ground up, including domain, hosting and website building.


Whether you have a planned project or just an interesting idea, call us or simply leave us a message

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