SEM Management



Google Ads

Search Engine Marking

Directly reach customers with needs, and convert their search to leads.

Youtube Ads

Raise brand awarenessess and influences to selected audience group.

Google Display Ads

Raise brand awareness and re-target those who had searched relevant keywords.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With accurate filters and intelligent algorism of Facebook Ads Manager, we can deliver specially crafted content right to our target audiences on both Facebook and Instagram.



Data Optimization

With BLMS’s operation and management, the clicks and conversions had significant growth month by month.

BLMS monitors data regularly, trims unnecessary keywords and develop more efficient keywords to optimize the ads result for client.

Budget Control

BLMS meets with the clients every month and receives sales forecast. Based on client’s data and industry information, BLMS had distributed client’s budget according to peak and low seasons.

Average CPC(Cost Per Click) had dropped for 40-45% since BLMS operates the account.

SEM Optimization Result

Budget Control - CPC

*Source: BLMS real client case